Duty of Commander

Among the duties of a Post Commander:

Preside at all meetings of the Post, conducting such meetings in accordance with Article X of the By-Laws and Manual of Procedure and other applicable parliamentary rules.

Enforce strict observance of the laws and usages of this organization, including Post, County Council, District and Department By-Laws and the Congressional Charter, National By-Laws, Ritual and Manual of Procedure, and all lawful orders from proper authorities.

Insist that Post business and activities be conducted in such a manner that they do not violate any applicable governmental law, ordinance or regulation nor bring or tend to bring opprobrium or embarrassment upon the Post, its members or the Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States.

Decide all questions of law and usage in the Post, subject to appeal pursuant to the By-Laws.

Appoint officers, committee chairmen and committees not otherwise provided for. He may remove such appointed officers, committee chairmen and committees at his pleasure. He shall, by virtue of his office, be a member of all committees.

Approve all orders drawn upon the Quartermaster for the disbursement of money by motion made and passed at a meeting of the Post end countersign all checks for the disbursement of Post funds.

Assure that the office of Quartermaster is bonded according to Section 703 of the By-Laws.
Assure that all dues and other monies due the National headquarters and Department are forwarded promptly together with accurate reports and returns pertaining thereto.
Assure that all reports are correctly prepared and promptly forwarded, that all the business of the Post is handled with dispatch and that alt necessary licenses and permits are obtained for proper operation.

Assure that eligible veterans are encouraged to join and maintain membership.
Assure that he or his representative attend all properly called District Conventions or meetings and County Council meetings.

Comply with and perform all of the duties required by the laws and usages of this organization, the provisions of these ByLaws, the Ritual and Manual of Procedure and Department, District, County Council or Post Bylaws pertaining to the duties and obligations of a Post Commander and lawful orders from proper authority and perform such other duties as are usually incident to the office.

Failure without just cause to perform these duties may result in removal from office.