Duty of Quartermaster

Among the duties of a Post Quartermaster, he shall:

Receive and hold all monies, securities, vouchers, and other personal property of the Post as may pertain to his office.

Pay out or expend monies only after the Post has authorized payment by motion made and passed at a meeting of the Post. All checks for the expenditures of Post funds shall be numbered in sequence, the number of each check to correspond with the voucher authorizing the same, and in addition to the signature of the Quartermaster, shall be countersigned by the Post Commander.

Before entering upon his duties and for the faithful performance thereof, he shall qualify by good and sufficient bond, in accordance with Section 703, in a sum at least equal to the amount of the liquid assets for which he may be accountable, the cost of which shall be paid from Post funds.

Collect all monies due the Post, giving receipt therefore.

Keep an account with each member and notify all members in arrears.

Collect the annual membership dues and credit the dues fund with a sum equal to the annual National, Department, District and County Council dues.

At least once each month, transmit to the Department Quartermaster the Department and National dues payable from the annual dues collected from each member during the preceding month, such payment to be accompanied by transmittal forms provided by the National Headquarters. The Quartermaster will be responsible for prompt payment of dues when due to the proper authorities.

Refrain from issuing official membership dues receipts to new members until be has received the required admission fee and the required dues, unless the same shall have been remitted by the Post. He shall collect the admission fee and dues prior to the election of the new member and immediately thereafter will credit one dollar ($1.00) to the Department in which the Post is located, the same to be forwarded to the Department Quartermaster.

Maintain a dues reserve fund to which shall be credited not less than one-half of the Post?s part of the current year’s dues paid by each member prior to July 1, including Life Membership per capita taxes received from the National Organization on account of Life Members. (This shall not apply to dues remitted by the Post.) He shall not disburse nor shall an obligation be incurred against this fund until after July 1, at which time it shall be transferred to the Post?s general fund and be available for expenditures.

Expend any and all dues paid by the Post on members whose dues have been remitted from the general fund of the Post.

Maintain a relief fund, which shall be credited with the net proceeds of all sales of Buddy Poppies and such other monies as may be solicited or donated for veterans relief purposes. Expenditures from the relief fund shall only be made for the purposes outlined in Section 704 of the Manual of Procedure.

Maintain the books and records at all times in a neat and efficient manner. The books and records of the Quartermaster shall be uniform and shall be those prescribed by National Headquarters; provided, however, that computer record keeping systems may be used, so long as the records contain the same data as required on forms prescribed by National Headquarters. Books and records shall be available for inspection by authorized officers at all reasonable times. Unless authorized by the Post to remove such books and records from its facilities, all such books and records shall be kept at the Post facilities.

Deliver to his successor in office or to anyone designated by the Post or higher authority, all books, records, vouchers, monies, securities and other property of the Post in his possession or under his control.

Serve as Treasurer of all Post committees handling funds.

Comply with, and perform all duties required of him by the laws and usages of this organization, applicable By-Laws and orders from lawful authority and perform such other duties as are usually incident to such office.