Get Eclipsed on IOP, Monday August 21, 2017

Newsworthy notes: If by chance you haven’t heard about this one time opportunity of the century, the total solar eclipse of the sun ends right here at the IOP. The city has been planning Get Eclipsed on IOP and preparing for quite sometime now. All city operations and police with regard to traffic, parking, and alcohol restrictions remain intact and enforced similar to the 4th of July and Memorial Day. Ocean Boulevard will be open as normal for parking with a few small areas reserved.

Likely upwards of 1+ million are anticipated to descend on the the tri-county area. There are planned events on the beach with tents for the city and recreation, East Cooper Medical Center, vendors, entertainment, activities along with local, national and international news media and film crews.

So how does this impact the VFW?

Very simply large crowds and limited space. The VFW will open at 11:00am and operate as normal to it’s Membership only. There is no special event planned at the post and WILL NOT be open to the public. We have very limited building and deck space to accommodate a large crowd.

If you live on island or plan on venturing over to the IOP, just be prepared for the traffic, congestion and be patient.